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We see a world where your digital experience is simplified and put in one place. With us, you can add TV channels, increase your Wi-Fi speed, adjust your smart home security and so much more all in one place.


More streaming, less lag time.

We provide high-performance, fibre optic Internet to all DIFFER clients. Our Wi-Fi is not only faster than what our competitors offer, but we also don't cap your usage. Whether you play games online or just need simple internet for your home, we have the options for you. Wi-Fi 6 all the way with DIFFER.

Internet Package


Fiber Unlimited

The Fiber Unlimited plan is for those who are serious about speed and service quality. Games, streams, video calls – you can do it all with the Fiber Unlimited plan.

Up to 1GBPS*

Download speed

Up to 500 MBPS*

Upload speed



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*Please note that download and upload speeds may vary. Remember, the Big Telcos will advertise Internet capacity as what they deliver to your home and rarely give measurements about what you can consume. Want to see what your true Internet capacity is from your device? Use an independent speed tester like from your browser. Just because Big Telco says you have a 1.5 GBPS internet connection does not mean you have a Wi-Fi network connection that is as fast. At this time, there is no way to consume that type of connection on the average consumer device. Services larger than 1GBPS are overkill, and you are better off installing a high-end Wi-Fi network on a 500MBPS connection than paying the Big Guys 100s of dollars for a 1.5GBPS Internet connection. Even if you had a wired connection, most Big Telco devices could only give you a 100 or 1000MBPS wired connection at once. The capabilities of the device you are using to consume your internet service are typically the largest factor in how fast your internet service feels and behaves during usage.


Make TV enjoyable again.

We have a DIFFERent solution: the right solution. Not too much, not too little – but just the right-priced packages for you. If the cord were affordable, no one would cut it, and that's where DIFFER Stream TV comes in. A simple to use, modern IPTV package that looks just like cable TV used to with an easy-to-use guide, PVR and a great channel lineup for the everyday viewer, just like you. 

DIFFER Stream TV Packages

Available in Fall 2023


The BASIC package is for someone who is looking for news, weather, locals and a few major networks. Nothing fancy – just the basics for the everyday viewer.




Screens included

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Available in Fall 2023


The MAX package includes all things BASIC plus a larger selection of channels and content. We have added sports (TSN & Sportsnet) along with additional channels for family viewing like movies, Discovery and more.




Screens included

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*More DIFFER Stream Packages options are available. Some buildings may only have Internet service to get started. Please check our portal to see what is available at your location. TV service will be supplied in NB with a set-top box until DIFFER Stream TV Apps are fully available in the App Store.