Never heard of us? That's okay, we're new around here.

DIFFER is a modern telecommunications company that leverages today's internet and cable options to bring customers better service for more value. We have a goal to create something DIFFERent than your traditional telecommunications options. No need to shop around or use browser extensions to find a better deal; it's right here.

DIFFER is the new provider in town and we’re shaking things up.



What you see is what you get. Our pricing is transparent and matter of fact; you won’t find any surprise or additional fees on your DIFFER bill. Forget about promotional pricing for one year and full price the next; your bill will remain the same year after year.



All our internet and cable needs are different. We’re not just here to provide a service, we also want to educate our customers on the value of the product they signed up for. We will work with you to gauge the speed of service you need without digging into your pockets. If you don’t need 1000mbps, we won’t pressure you into it.



We are always looking to impress by improving and upgrading our services for DIFFER customers. We know not all Wi-Fi is created equal and you deserve the best. We aim to offer some of the latest technology for your needs, ranging from smart home integration to home security you can depend on.

Our Story

DIFFER is a new company - but not really.

You could say DIFFER has always been on our mind. The team behind DIFFER has over 25 years of experience delivering services and solutions for telecommunications companies all over the globe.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we knew the timing was perfect to launch DIFFER to provide Canadians with better Internet and modern TV services, all while packaging and delivering it in a way that is simple and easy to use with standard pricing and service management.

On top of our client-centric approach, we know building owners have needs as well; they need a provider that can help them with building access and property-wide connectivity that will help them run the services they require to keep those buildings in great shape. The big telco companies promise the world but then typically drop off a bundle of cable or fibre for you to install, and that's about it. Building owners need more, and DIFFER will deliver.

With DIFFER, our focus is on you, not us.